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How Important is Keyword Position ?

The ultimate goal of Search engine optimization is to ultimately achieve that coveted top keyword position result on search engines. Keyword positioning is the art of positioning your target keywords for the greatest exposure, often in the first page of search. As you may already be aware of users rarely search beyond the first page of result and as such comes the high demand to perform well on search results.

To achieve the ideal keyword position take some time, and starts with your site not being even index to breaking within the top 100. Each positive milestone in this position effort means you’re doing something right. For this regard, it is important to perform a keyword position check every so often to track the status of your current efforts.  These results are very important in helping you shape the approach of your seo optimization and marketing campaigns as it gives you a clear picture of the performance of specific keywords to determine what is working, and what needs more work.

Keyword Position

How does the Keyword Position checker work?

Our keyword position checker gives you the flexibility to not only check but track and monitor over time with a clear graph illustrating the changes over time.  The tools allows you to either manually add your keywords or if you have keyword meta tags added on your site, perform an automatic crawl. This tool will then scan through your chosen search engines for keyword/phrase you entered to determine where they rank. It will show you result of with the top 100 position.  If you show in the top 100, then this should be taken as good news as it shows some effort has been done to optimize. However, if your website isn’t showing in the top 100 position then you have a problem. Either you haven’t optimized for that keyword, or you haven’t followed quality guidelines and your website may have been penalized.

Simple tips to get better keyword position:

  • Pick your keywords very carefully. It is important to be as specific as possible while using long tail keywords with special focus on those with lower competition. Click here to read more on tips for best keyword choices.
  • Less is generally more. Websites that optimize for a few great keywords will get better positioning than those that optimize for a large number of okay keywords.
  • Quality is king! Search engines reward quality over quantity. Websites that engage human visitors will always get a higher keyword position. Read more on how to identify quality keywords
  • Build high value backlinks. Just like with keywords, less can be more. Use our backlinks checker to check your backlinks and the current rank of linking sites. Only authoritative links are of value. You should avoid low ranking links and cheap shortcuts like purchasing tons of low quality backlinks, as this will result in a lower keyword position or even the possibility of being blacklisted by search engines.

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