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Why is it important to Monitor SEO Ranking

The importance of keyword ranking and tracking has been an ongoing debate for sometime now if you have spend the last couple of years online as a marketer . The debate  has generally centered on whether or not keywords and the science of ranking them is of any value. This also by default throws the need for tracking your seo ranking into the spanner.

I have to however admit that this debate hasn’t come from nowhere. It really become a lot harder to track rankings accurately (with the concept of accuracy itself becoming somewhat vague, since rankings are now increasingly influenced by location), and at the same time Google is smarter at deciphering the meaning behind queries instead of looking for exact keyword matches in pages’ content.

That said, I feel that none of that undermines the value of rank tracking in any serious way — rather, it implies that our rank checking goals and the way we monitor rankings has to change substantially. For me, the answer lies in the economics of “need and purpose”.

How do you determine if Keyword Ranking is Important for you?

Simply put, by answering these few SEO facing questions, you may find an answer for yourself:

  1. what is the purpose of your website ?
  2. how do you get yourself more exposure (better real estate location online) ?
  3. How do you measure your efforts over time ?

Assuming that your purpose of setting up your site is to advertise your business, and attract more clients as most of us hope, then you must have thought of a strategy to achieve the same beyond merely setting up a site. The only other way there is beside pay per click campaigns to get valuable price location is by targeting your business keywords for better ranking. By doing so (ethically), your site rises up in position online for the terms that visitors are searching for your services or products.

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. if seo ranking was not that important, why is everyone fighting to be on first page of google and even more so the first 3 positions?
  2. how many times do you ever go past page one in our search online?
  3. do you give more value/trust to sponsored ads online or top organic ranked sites

After you have answered the above, you have most probably concluded like I have that the main question is has a common sense answer; keyword ranking is important that never before and by essence tracking becomes a core requirement to plan, strategize and evaluate your optimization efforts. Without tracking, you would never know what you have achieved in your campaigns and would be near impossible to identify areas of improvement. Keyword tracking helps monitor your seo ranking and gives you tangible data to rely on in your future marketing efforts and in formulation of a sound marketing strategy.

Should you now care about SEO Ranking?

So no matter how much SEO may have changed over time, the core of its strategy has remained constant — to rank for a particular set of chosen keywords. This we call site traffic and can quickly into leads. In fact, once you get people to your site and turn them into customers, you have a higher likelihood of turning them into long-term clients. After all, isn’t this what we all want?

After reading this, you should have come to the following conclusions about Rank Tracking :

  1. Helps You Determine Your marketing Budget
  2. It Helps You Dig Deeper Into Different “Not-Provided” Data
  3. It Strengthens Your Content Strategy
  4. Helps you see how your SEO efforts translate into higher rankings.
  5. Helps you see which pages and keywords are responsible for the most traffic.
  6. Helps you understand what’s causing changes in traffic and sales.
  7. Helps you identify and improve SEO sluggish pages .
  8. Helps you stay monitor competitors’ efforts and rankings.
  9. Helps you spot search engine algorithm changes early enough.

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